Bio-Circular-Green Economy: BCG Model

Bio-Circular-Green Economy: BCG Model

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Main goal: To share Thailand's good practices in promoting more balanced and sustainable socio-economic development and in generating income distribution in local and rural economies by integrating science, technology and innovation to enhance sustainable competitiveness in the four target industries i.e. (1) agriculture and food industry; (2) bioenergy, biomaterial and biochemical industry; (3) medical and wellness industry; and (4) tourism and the creative economy.

Areas of focus:
Agriculture and food industry: increasing agricultural productivity through smart farming and the application of food technology to improve and develop food quality, including shelf life extension of food and production of alternative nutrients/proteins.

Medical and wellness industry: innovation in health systems such as drugs, vaccines, biological medicinal products, medical supplies and equipment, research and development of cosmetic and dietary supplements, clinical research, management of medical science data to support the registration of medical products.

Bioenergy, biomaterial and biochemical industry: innovative development of high efficiency energy production; building of power plants with local renewable energy sources such as solar, biomass and biogas; developing a smart grid system for electricity distribution to generate income; and further developing high-value chemical and bio-material products.

Tourism and the creative economy: sustainable tourism development by capitalizing on the strengths of biodiversity and local cultures and creating the linkages with the creative economy by enriching tourists’ experiences through local gastronomy and other various forms of tourism such as sports, health, art, cultural, agricultural, etc.