Climate Change and Environmental Issues

Climate Change and Environmental Issues

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Main goal: To share knowledge and solutions to climate change and environmental problems such as sustainable use of natural resources, mitigation of environmental impacts, response to natural disasters.

Areas of focus:
Assessing future risks caused by climate change in the agriculture and tourism sectors such as impacts on agricultural products, water sources, water basins and coastal areas, etc.

Restructuring energy production and consumption such as energy transition from fossil fuels to electrification, use of locally-produced biomass as an alternative source of renewable energy, adopting environmentally sound technologies (ESTs) to help reduce environmental problems, etc.

Adding value to bio resources by integrating local knowledge with emerging technology and innovations; promoting sustainable economic development through responsible production and consumption such as designing the production process to achieve minimum or zero waste, implementing the concepts of 3Rs (reduce, reuse and recycle), etc.

Promoting urban agriculture to encourage the circular use of resources by maximizing the limited space available and promoting robust urban ecosystems.