Public Health

Public Health

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Main goal: To share knowledge on public health management such as primary health care, community health care, and universal health coverage, etc.

Areas of focus:
Strengthening communities’ capacity in public health management to foster community health such as promotion of community health systems, development of public health volunteers, establishment of community health funds, formulation of community health plans, community database development, etc.

Strengthening health systems in terms of policies, budgets and universal health coverage.

Enhancing primary health care such as maternal and child health management, pre-school health, children empowerment in the community, and prevention of social problems among children such as mental illnesses, unplanned pregnancy, etc.

Preparing for an aged society to reduce the overall socio-economic impacts caused by changes in the demographic structure, including the application of technology, innovation and automation to support the aged society.

Promoting occupational health by ensuring safe environment at workplaces, providing proper occupational tools for the safety of workers and preventing work-related diseases or symptoms such as respiratory diseases as a result of air pollution exposure, musculoskeletal disorders, office syndrome, etc.