Vision and Mandate



     To promote efficiency and creativity in Thailand’s development cooperation.

     To foster good relations and sustainable development in the international arena.

     To contribute to the wellbeing of the global community.



  1. Administer development cooperation on behalf of the Thai Government with foreign governments/agencies, international organizations, non-governmental organizations.
  2. Administer assistance to and foster good relations with foreign countries in line with Thailand’s foreign policy.
  3. Coordinate and advice on policy concerning development cooperation. Supervise and integrate, where applicable, aid plans and projects from government agencies, private sector and NGOs.
  4. Coordinate, supervise and build capacity for development cooperation plans and projects from public and private sector. Develop and implement strategies for development cooperation in accordance with Thailand’s foreign policy.
  5. Administer official development assistance through bilateral, regional, and multilateral cooperation. Implement official development assistance according to Thailand’s obligation on development cooperation.
  6. Administer human resources development cooperation and scholarships to foreign countries.
  7. Follow up, assess, and publicize development cooperation projects carried out by public and private sector and NGOs. Advice on further action for development cooperation.
  8. Carry out other tasks as mandated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Cabinet.